Frequently Asked Questions about NameDial:

In general, remember to follow these guidelines:

  • Pause momentarily before saying the name
  • Make sure your contacts donít have any extra characters in them, such as underscores, hyphens or symbols like umlauts or tildes.
  • The recognizer is a phonetic recognizer which means that it looks at how the names are spelled and from this generates a model of what the name should sound like. The recognizer has a great deal of intelligence built into it and will accurately build a recognition model that works great with a high degree of accuracy. Once in a while, a name might be spelled so different from itís sound in the US English language that the recognition model is incorrect. For these names, you might try spelling them the way the sound.
  • In a noisy environment, itís best to press the START button, say the name and then press the STOP button
  • Remember that when you add or change your contact information, the recognizer will rebuild the new set which might take 15-45 seconds depending on the total number of contacts you have
  • Acceptance level selection Ė lo = more accepting. NameDial was designed for the US English accent, if you find that it is not working as well for you, you can try selecting LO which will make it more accepting. The drawback is that it might also substitute more often and make more mistakes. MED is the default and HI = a tighter threshold. If you select HI it will make less substitution errors, but also might make it more challenging to recognize the names in your contact list.

Symptom: The application crashes during startup.

Possible Cause: runs out of memory or contact names contain unexpected characters

Possible Solutions:

  • Make sure your iPhone has sufficient free memory
  • Check contact names for unusual characters and replace as necessary
  • Soft/hard reset of iPhone
  • Reinstall application

Symptom: Some of my contacts are missing.

Possible Cause: NameDial only imports contacts that include BOTH a name AND phone number. Names must comprise of the First and/or Last name fields or the Company field. Phone numbers must be of type "Mobile", "Home", "Work". All other phone type fields are ignored including "Main", "Home Fax", "Work Fax", "Pager" and "Other". Also, NameDial assumes English names. If it fails to predict a pronunciation for a name it is automatically omitted from the list. Non-alphanumeric (including non-English foreign characters) may cause unpredictable results.

Possible Solutions:

  • Check valid fields are used
  • Check contact names for unusual characters and replace as necessary

For support using NameDial on the iPhone, please contact technical support.

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