NameDial for the iPhone is an extremely useful, yet low-priced application at 99 cents that offers users the ability to dial numbers stored in their contact directory using voice commands, and offers many features and benefits not found in other voice dialing applications.

NameDial will automatically build a recognition vocabulary from contacts already on your phone. There is no training, registration or data entry required! NameDial runs 100% on your iPhone and therefore no personal information is ever transmitted to any server or any person. Even better, NameDial has the fastest response time of any voice dialing application for the iPhone - especially noticeable in non-WIFI areas.

NameDial integrates Text To Speech (TTS) technology to playback the name that was recognized, eliminating the need to look at your phone to confirm it heard you correctly. TTS not only speaks the name of the person but also their location (e.g., home, office or mobile).

NameDial uses a simple, clean and compact user interface, resulting in an efficient and effective user experience. Unlike other voice dialing applications available today, NameDial allows you to view your contacts from the NameDial main screen - no need to switch back and forth from NameDial to your Contact application! Simple icons indicate who you are calling and where, along with TTS to confirm.

NameDial for the iPhone is available now for download from the iTunes store.

For support using NameDial on the iPhone, please contact technical support.

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